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An idle simulation game on Kongregate is a sequel to the earlier game, AdVenture Capitalist, AdVenture Communist MOD APK (Free Scientist Upgrade).
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Are you going to become the potato tycoon and build your empire through an idle game? You may be wondering how an idle game will help you create a powerful empire. Empire-building games usually belong to the strategy game genre; however, the potatoes are all you need to build your empire.

You will learn that Adventure Communist, developed by Screenzilla, will completely change your mind and change your lifestyle. It is a game with a friendly and straightforward interface, but one with the most exciting gameplay. It can quickly satisfy any entertainment needs while you are sitting in your spare time.

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Additional Information

NameAdVenture Communist: Idle Clicker
DeveloperHyper Hippo
Size91 Mb
Requirement5.0 and Up
Root requireNo
In-app purchasesNo
No. of downloads5,000,000+
Last updated dateA week ago


Hyper Hippo created the game. If AdVenture Capitalist is a simulation of capitalism, AdVenture Communist is a humorous commentary on communist economies. With the clicker interface, you can harvest vegetables by touching the screen.

From just a simple farmer and a piece of land, you gradually build your potato empire to supply food for the whole world when you have the right skills. You can plant lots of potatoes, harvest, hire, and pay for farmers. In an idle game, AdVenture Communist lets you continue developing your empire while doing other things, even when you go to sleep and close the app.


Among its unique features, Adventure Communist also provides simple and accessible gameplay that any player will find fascinating.

Numerous Characters with a Multitude of Abilities

It allows you to choose from several characters to play different roles, and all of those help you build up a Communist State, which is your common goal. A lot of other tasks require more than one character and sometimes even several different characters together. For example, some characters focus on collecting potatoes while others help you find remedies that will help your potato grow faster. Therefore, you need to know how to acquire the right human resources for your industries to make sure they work efficiently and effectively. In addition, you can also upgrade the characters so that they work even faster.

Automated Features Work very well in this Game

In contrast to other idle games, they will cease to work when the device is switched off; this game works even after a long period without your touch. Yes, you may allow the app to run by itself as a simple potato business.

The Mission System in this Game will make it Exciting

Instead of focusing on your goals without any purpose, this game will offer you the missions you need to complete to increase your business’s value. These missions make it easier for you to grow and expand your business.

This game will present you with the opportunity to develop your Communist state faster, as you will still be competing against many empires that will also do it the same way as you. Therefore, you should be prepared to enter the competition with potatoes as your business.

About Adventure Communist

Establish a Potato Empire

Potatoes can be an excellent choice to make many delicious dishes. Starting with potatoes, you’ll be able to make many dishes, not to mention being able to eat all day long. Become a proud leader of the nation with your glorious potato empire. Provide your producers with access to better farming methods and more efficient harvesting methods.

Modernization of Industry

After producing potatoes for the first time, you can continue to upgrade your industries. AdVenture Communist lets you make plantations, towns, irrigation systems, electricity, factories, weapons; you gain access to new sectors whenever enough resources are available. I recommend giving more focus to a specific industry rather than producing all industries. New initiatives are often more valuable.


Researchers are great employees for leaders because they will be able to speed up production exponentially. Just like scientists, they bring in solutions to improve productivity. The researchers are classified into Common, Rare, Epic, and Supreme. The researchers are unlocked at various resource levels and through purchasing research capsules.

A Few Tips & Tricks

If you have 100 potatoes and can buy only one farmer, set the tab at Maximum so you can buy ten farmers in one click. For example, a farmer costs ten potatoes, but you can only buy one without making additional purchases. The Propaganda Meter, which helps you increase the total production speed when watching the Ads video, increases your Propaganda Meter. When the effect ends, you can continue watching Ads videos to maintain.

Download AdVenture Communist MOD APK for Android

It doesn’t make you do anything but click and produce. Most of the time, you upgrade, unlock, and resume production. It sounds boring, but you’ll enjoy watching your empire grow.

Final Words

Hyper Hippo designed it. AdVenture Capitalist tries to mimic the entrepreneur economy, whereas AdVenture Communist mocks it by mimicking a socialist economy. Through interactive clickers, you hire ranchers to plant and collect potatoes. Starting with only an individual rancher and a plot of land, you build your potato domain step by step.

Indeed, your domain can supply food for the entire world along the lines of obtaining more ranchers and paying them with potatoes. If you can contribute appropriately, your domain can provide food for the whole of the world. The passive character of Adventure Communist lets you continue building your realm anyhow, whether your field gets a knock on the door or your manager allots a startling activity. You may still have plenty of potatoes and items at your disposal whenever you play the game.

What's new

Somebody mixed the rotten potato with the good one, so it needs fixing.

- Minor bugs were fixed

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