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Try BitLife MOD APK to find out how each choice affects a person’s life, a simulation game that allows you to experience a whole new life.
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BitLife mod apk is a simulation game that comes with excellent features. It is developed by a candy writer who has multiple games on the play store and gains multiple 5-star reviews. People show love for their games, and 10+ million people download them.

NameBitLife – Life Simulator
Size131 Mb
Requirement4.4 and Up
Root requireNo
In-app purchasesNo
No. of downloads10,000,000+
Last updated dateA week ago


In the game, players produce their own stories; that’s why you can do anything without any interference, and your steps, actions calculate which way you are going. It starts the life as well sperm. You are allowed to all options which are related to your characters. You have the option to do everything that you like and make different decisions of your choices, and check them they are right or wrong.


Visual novel games are similar to BitLife’s gameplay. It’s impossible to say when this story will end since there are too many unforeseen circumstances to be sure. The game’s menu contains a list of events for each year of the main character’s life, so rather than selecting a line for each character, you’ll choose an action for each year. You can choose whether to sit still and obey your mother or bite her hand to protest the first time she takes you to a vaccination. Click the Age button and see what will happen to your protagonist.

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BitLife Mod Apk Features

Here we list features that every Bitlife gamer would love them.

Personal statistics for self-assessment

The player has access to a variety of actions and decisions which will impact their stats.

Feelings of happiness

A high happiness level would mean that your characters will experience all the things they’d want while being happy, while a low happiness level would indicate that your characters will experience depression. This makes them less effective in every activity that they’re involved in.

The health

The healthiest people have various activities that they can participate in and usually do better in their jobs. It would mean that your life would not be short, and it also prevents you from having a short life.


You need to be smart to understand things around you. As such, you ought to spend some time studying and learning new things to increase your smarts level.


Regardless of how you feel they are, in BitLife – Life Simulator, everything is changeable. If something is not okay, it can permanently be fixed, provided you have the cash to do it. To alter your looks, you can take on plastic surgeries or swap your genders.

Enjoy a wide range of activities.

The game features life simulation elements, meaning that you can try anything and face your consequences.


It’s probably the most boring activity, but since it brings you a steady income, you can’t avoid it. Without a regular income, your business will stop, you will not be able to buy what you want or support your family.


A little group outing once in a while can be fun. Also, you’ll make new friends and meet new people. Who knows? You’ll encounter all sorts of experiences while out dancing, like getting into a fight, being offered marijuana, and so on.


Keep in mind that staying in shape will set you apart from others with your better looks and make you more attractive. Also, having a proper shoe fit can help in certain situations where you have to fight with bullies or have thieves come to your house.

Plastic Surgery

A cute face can be attained by using a plastic surgeon. A successful operation will make your natural beauty. You’re more likely to find someone suitable that way.


There are many ways to succeed besides studying. The process of learning can sometimes be tiresome; therefore, if you cannot take the punishment, then there are other ways to succeed.


The Casino is one way you can wind up rich relatively quickly if you do not want to study. Aside from that, there are other ways to do it, such as taking out a high-risk loan or even making a large payout quickly.

Commit Crimes

It’s okay to do some illegal stuff if you don’t make enough money on the Casino, but maybe you should do something else? More specifically, criminal paths might be a good choice if you’re failing to make a profit on the Casino.


Unfortunately, life can be a little bit worse for those who’re unlucky and end up in prison. Being in prison can lead to simple things like bad health, unhappy life, and so on.

Therefore, you can escape to your freedom if you cannot stand it to avoid the punishment. Or you can get a lift in the punishment.

A realistic experience with interactive NPCs

There will be many interactive NPCs with realistic elements that will allow players to make new friends, date, or even partner with the other characters in the game. Each character will have unique characteristics to tell them apart.


Your preferences can influence whether this is an important aspect or not.


A good friend or partner will help you tremendously as they can offer intelligent solutions to your problems. They are also easy to get along with, and they would likely give you the life of your dreams.


Having wealthy friends will allow you to run your business better because they can help you with stuff. A partner who has good financial standing can make you able to get along without worrying about most things.


Each NPC in the game has this trait. It proves how willing they are to do what they don’t mean. It can be fun to play with them, but you shouldn’t get too attached to them.

Build a family and a relationship

If you find someone special who you think would be the right partner for you, you can establish your life together and start a family. Children can be adopted, or you can have your own if you wish to enlarge your family and bring more laughter.

Quality of visuals and sounds

This is the text version of the game, which does not offer any visually appealing elements. Still, with a transparent organization, you’ll have access to all options always at your fingertips. It provides a great deal of enjoyment with its corresponding soundtracks in certain everyday situations.

Download BitLife APK Mode

If you’re looking to play a life simulation game to have fun during your free time, BitLife – Life Simulator has everything you need.

  1. Download the file from that link.
  2. Now scroll down your phone settings and enable unknown sources.
  3. Open your file manager and install the application.
  4. After the installation completes, the game is ready to play.

                                              Enjoy the game!

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