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The biggest and most exciting mythical world around awaits you in Shop Titans mod apk. Become a leader in the mythical world and empower your heroes to achieve their dreams.
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Games that inspire you to become a hero or defeat evil forces are considered familiar to generations of gamers. It is not surprising you feel pride and glory when you defeat your enemies. Do you want to be a hero? Today’s game is unlike most traditional ones but still based on the theme of heroes. It’s Shop Titans APK from Kabam Games, a complex simulation game that you have to let your imagination run wild.

Shop Titans Apk Mod Information

Shop Titans
DeveloperKabam Games
Size500 Mb
Requirement5.0 and Up
Root requireNo
In-app purchasesNo
No. of downloads10,000,000+
Last updated dateA week ago

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Shop Titans: An Introduction

Although Shop Titans have monster fight scenes, they involve heroic characters as opposed to you. The goal is to create powerful weapons for the heroes to use. Weapons are indispensable to the warriors; so do not think you are playing an insignificant role. In addition to helping save the world, you also desire to become the largest weapons manufacturer and trader in the world.

An Expert Shopkeeper

In town, you will find it is full of monsters, surrounded by dungeons, so do not worry! You are not alone! Several heroes have already offered to destroy them. With all your passion, you will create a store filled with weapons, armor, medicine, etc., that the heroes will need to win. The heroes need your aid if they choose to fight! It would help if you awakened the strength of each hero so that they gain enough booty and gold coins to fight their enemies. You must create weapons that match each hero’s unique abilities.

Turn into an Arms Tycoon

It’s not the same thing as Idle Miner Tycoon; Shop Titans requires you to manage your store and build powerful weapons at the same time. To keep them strong, they need new equipment and more support items such as medicine, armor, hats, and other supportive items. Therefore, work with tailors, pharmacists, carpenters, and others in town to build in more supporting items. Shop Titans also feature a search option where you can embark on an epic quest through worlds of monsters, discovering powerful weapons in each level. By searching for weapons, you can diversify your store and add new weapons to it.

Develop and Expand your Shop

Create a character with a good appearance while you have the biggest weapons store. Your character will have a unique appearance in medieval style thanks to his or her clothing, hairstyle, and clothes. In this game, you will be able to build and expand a busy and prosperous town. You can also join a great group of heroes who protect the world, as well as take part in mysteries yet to be discovered. Become a prosperous kingdom when you grow your town.


Shop Titans feature beautiful 3D graphics. Consequently, the characters in the game are highly detailed, while realistic battles and powerful monsters ensure that the game is entertaining for all gamers. A mysterious space will also be open for your enjoyment in this game.

Unlimited money

Shop Titans’ unlimited money mod is perfect for building a merchant empire and dominating your rivals.

Shop Titans Mod Apk Features

  • Design a department store and customize it.
  • Selling various war shields and equipment.
  • Work together with friends to trade.
  • Heroes can be equipped with weapons to fight monsters.
  • Develop swords and equipment with the help of the city builders.
  • Online game with 3D graphics
  • Players can create multi-player teams.
  • It is possible to find a profession for everyone.
  • The characterization that is 100 percent accurate
  • Living during the Middle Ages
  • The warriors need your help.
  • A simulated and fantasy game purchased from a store

Playshop Titans: Tips and tricks

It’s not just about winning and keeping your customers happy in Shop Titans; it’s also about following our tips and tricks to help you ace the game. In addition, you should maintain a delicate balance between work and rest – it’s a delicate balance that the game will teach you to manage in real life as well.

Inventory management and crafting should be balanced: You should always have items in stock so that you can sell them to customers as soon as they walk into your store. That way, customers aren’t sent away after coming to your store. The maximum number of inventory you can keep is 250, which means it is best to craft at least one item. You always have to have one on hand to sell. After the sale, immediately start crafting the item you just sold for the next person who asks. It can be tempting in the early game to make lots of the few items you can make, but this can backfire on you later on. Be smart.

Please take advantage of discounts:  It’s wise to offer various kinds of discounts and set the price of certain items higher. Discounting an item will give you more stamina but less profit. Stamina can be used to increase the pricing on items, but it should not be completely exhausted. Also, don’t just ignore it — it’s there in the first place.

Take part in quests: Quests allow you to make items you normally wouldn’t be able to craft. These items allow you to go out and find resources and then craft them. Your champions will earn experience points from them, and the rare items will bring in money, so you don’t want to pass upon them.

Invest in the town: You can boost your town’s appeal by investing in it to attract more people to your area. Merchants are heavily dependent on their environment. It pays to invest in it and drive more visitors to your area. The townspeople have a way of upgrading buildings other than your store, so get on your charitable hat and start helping out the people.

Download Shop Titans Apk Mod for Android

Beyond even the boundaries of a conventional simulation game, the RPG genre of Shop Titans is blended with an adventure game, providing players with the opportunity to explore a unique and spectacular world. It features an exciting storyline with many surprises in each episode. The heroes are on their way to protect the world in Shop Titans, providing you with hours of fun entertainment.

What's new

The Cinco de Mayo collection is back!
Beloved classics like the Touch and the Taco Pillow have returned, alongside some new furniture, wallpapers, and floorings!

QoL and Fixes!
Various small improvements, bug fixes, and quality of life changes to fusions, bounties, quests, and more.

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